Overview of the BmsSuite software

The BmsSuite supersedes the older EvSuite software package. The default “PacMon” supervisor includes a number of existing separate modules enclosed within the one housing. Scenarios using separate SiMon and SiCan modules also apply, but these applications become more complex to commission.

BmsSuite is a fully network enabled platform that operates over ethernet and wifi. This gives the system provider the choice to run either as a standalone system or gain remote access to one or many systems.

The two system tray services that run on the PC (System Controller and UMonHub) host the connection to the hardware.

The Batrium systems (PacMon, SiMon, and SiCan) will work without a PC connected for (charge and discharge). The PC is only required for initial system commissioning, live system monitoring, and diagnostics


Running BmsSuite

Commissioning summary (for basic PacMon systems):

  • Assemble and wire the Batrium hardware (see website documents).
  • Run the Batrium System Tray Utility (SystemTray). This must be always running on the PC connected to the Batrium system (PacMon).
  • Start the ServiceCentre (System Tray or Start Menu).
  • Use ServiceCentre “Configuration > System Selector” to connect.
  • Plug in the PacMon (or UMons) and ensure that the USB devices install OK.
  • Complete each un-ticked “Configuration” steps in order.
  • Refer to the appropriate separate commissioning document.


Check if the Batrium SystemTray utility is running (bottom right corner of windows screen). If it is not, then launch from the start menu. Click on the system tray icon to expand it. Both core processors of the UMonHub and the SystemController background services should be running (“Start” button is grey). These services are how the ServiceCenter application accesses the Batrium hardware (usually connected by USB). See the help page for more details.


Help is available on most pages by clicking on the blue question mark (  ) in the top right hand corner.

The Batrium System Tray utility must run on the PC connected to the hardware. More options are available by expanding the settings (click on the “cog” on top left - ). This allows the option “Start at Logon” etc. Both the “Auto start” switches also should be ON as well. Press “OK” when complete. See the Help page for more details.

The main user application is the ServiceCentre program (application). It can be started from the System Tray utility by clicking on the “ServiceCentre” text (bottom left). It can also be started from the Batrium start menu (programs).

The key to setting up a system is to use the “Configuration” sequence. The six (6) steps need to be completed in sequence to prepare the system ready for use. The configuration steps must also be repeated after any hardware change (equipment changes).


The “Web Browser” link in the system tray gives access via a web page. This is not limited to PC devices and can be run on any web enabled platform on the network (Android, iPhone, iPad etc.). Initially the early version of software only provides limited web pages. Batrium will expand these in future releases.

A separate document will outline the step-by-step commissioning sequence for the common hardware scenarios.



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