How to setup cloud data storage for the BMS via

Useful for easily enable remote viewing of the BMS data over the internet. Many of the custom selectable charting fields are available to be transmitted to the cloud.

NB: ongoing updates will require a connected PC with internet access.

The software automatically reduces the update frequency when the values are stable and also reduces the time interval if changes occur. Optimising updates to give live streaming whilst reducing bandwidth when the system is idle. Only the system tray with relevant host application need to be kept running.


Step 1 - Register a account to the


Step 2 - Create a account that you will push your data to


Step 3 - Create a new channel


Step 4 - Configure the channel

NB: Other field labels have be choose, these are typical options we have defaulted


Step 5 - Configure the visual charting options

NB: this only highlights the basic options, for more help read the documentation available from ThingSpeak.


Step 6 - Here is a outline of the example we have adopted as the demo for both the private and public view of the channel.


Step 7 - copy the write key to configure within BmsSuite


Step 8 - Within BmsSuite navigate to Logging > Cloud storage 



Step 9 - Configure the WriteKey with matching configuration on Options tab


Step 10 - Configure the matching fields using the Wand selection 


NB: align to settings within ThingSpeak, alternatively press the cog in the top right and press the default link


Step 11 - Press Start to store the configuration and run the processing agent

Step 12 - Monitor both and the BmsSuite screen.


Check out the live demo at



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