How to control and interpret the recharging session report

Useful to pinpoint a problem or trend at the end of each charging event or after a timeout for charging.

Will only run when the pc is connected to the supervisor and is powered with 12v.


Step 1 - from the main menu navigate to the Logging menu


Step 2 - navigate to File Logging 


Step 3 - Enable the reporting agent


Step 4 - Navigate to the file location 

NB: stored in My Documents > Batrium > Reports> Filename.txt


Additional information

Example 1 - ideal

This system is within a car that was converted to EV 3 years ago, it has been a workhorse and travelled more than 20000km each year. From the beginning the pack has had our BMS.  The level of balance that still exists between each cell is impressive just wish this report existing for more than the last 3 months so we can look for any trends.


Example 2 - poor performing cells 

This pack has one cell that has a significant self discharge rate from several years of damaged in their previous use. Whilst less than ideal when used in off-grid with plenty of solar panels this can be handled without a issue. Note that cell # 3 needed recharging where most of the rest were almost full. Cell #11 is working well and only need 170mAh which after a week accounts for the consumption of the idle system.





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