How to Backup and Restore the BmsSuite configuration

This feature enables the user to make a backup copy of the system to files, it also enables the user to restore stored files. There are 3 different configuration objects:

  • System Architecture
  • User Preferences
  • Data Cache

System Architecture - contains settings that define how the hardware should be configured.

User Preferences - contains user defined display configuration, typically the charts and a number of tailored features.

Data Cache - contains a extract of all properties and serial numbers for the connected hardware.

The file version have specific schemas for each application version. If a file is imported from a different version there is likely an unexpected outcome.

Typically run the import the the listed sequence, this can be completed either locally or to a remote pc.

  • System Architecture
  • User Preferences
  • Data Cache

If you connect to multiple systems from a pc the concept of "Backup Restore" can assist with switching between configurations.


Step 1 - Navigate to Support menu


Step 2 - Navigate to  Backup/Restore


Step 3 - To extract the the existing configuration press "Export"


Step 4 - You see the contents of the xml file by pressing "Open file contents"


Step 5 - To restore a backup file select the filename and press "Import"


Step 6 - select the desired file and press "Open"


Step 7 - observe the confirmation that file has been restored


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