How to update the firmware via BmsSuite

From the status zone if you see the following icon the system has discovered that there is a module(s) that needs its firmware updated. Press the icon or navigate to the "Hardware Updater" screen from the Support menu.


Investigation Process

To see which specific devices need upgrades

Step 1 - Navigate to Telemetry menu from the Home screen


Step 2 - Navigate to "Device - A'll'


Step 3 - Identify any devices with "Upgrade Reqd"


Upgrade Process

If there are multiple cellmon networks then repeat steps.

The communication channel needs to be idle, hence ensure that both the PacMon supervisor and any other supervisor do not have 12V applied.

There should be a status icon of "Idle UMonHub"

Also ensure that the system has been fully commissioned prior to any upgrade

  • Network Tester
  • Device Collect / Sync
  • Bypass Tester


Step 1 - Navigate to Support menu from the Home screen


Step 2 - Navigate to Hardware Updater


Step 3 - Select the CellMon channel via "Communication Channel"


Step 4 - Select the relevant UMonHub channel


Step 5 - Pick the HexMon file


Step 6 - Pick the relevant firmware based on the hardware used


Step 7 - verify the selected firmware matches the hardware to be updated


Step 8 - On the Options tab, verify the correct number of hardware components exist for that communication channel


Step 9 - Press Start

NB: If not enabled make sure 12v is off then exit and restart steps of the Updater sequence


Step 10 - Monitor the progress

If going well should look like this

If there are any issues it may look like this
When there are problems and the system is endlessly retrying "Stop" the process wait at least 10 seconds and restart.

Step 11 - Confirm that the update has completed successfully

Step 12 - Rerun the Device Collector from Configuration to update and check system state
This should only be run on a pc with plenty of processing power and not over taxed with other unrelated programs running.


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