Understanding the LED Indicators on each CellMon

The red and green LEDs on the CellMon indicate the communication, bypass, and alarm states. This applies to each of the cellmon variants:

  • BlockMon M8,
  • BlockMon M14
  • LongMon
  • ManyMon
  • EndMon



When power is first applied, the green LED remains permanently “ON” (until the first message has been received). This allows initial confirmation of the correct power connection and network diagnostics. Once the first message has been received, the green LED will be OFF and then only indicates the message state with flashes. The green LED will flash in cell number sequence when being interrogated by PacMon/SiMon allowing diagnostics and status indication.

Sequence State Condition
  Continually “ON” Indicates that the power has been connected correctly (stays ON). It will turn OFF once the first message has been received. It is also ON while parameters are being set by the Batrium software.
  Repetitive flashes
(0.5 sec rate)
Status messages are being processed (from PacMon or SiMon). This flash passes through each CellMon in sequential cell # order.
  Single flash  Flash when a valid configuration message has been interpreted.



The red LED indicates the bypass state and also shows three alarm states.

Sequence State Condition
Continually “ON”
(or flash intermittently)
CellMon is bypassing current.
Note: May flash intermittently when close to bypass threshold voltage.
Slow flash
(0.5 sec rate)
Over cell temperature or over bypass temperature.
Fast flash
(0.1 sec rate)
Over cell voltage or under cell voltage.
Single flash  Bad/corrupt message is received.



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