How to find cabling faults by running the Network Tester

This tool helps to locate cable breaks in a CellMon communication network. This will constantly transmit a message to CellMons to turn ON the LEDs. The LEDs will only work (ON) upto the break in the network.

The system must have been commissioned correctly prior to using this tool. Each channel is shown as a row. If there are problems with the UMonHub settings these will need to resolved.

The AckNum is the number of CellMons that respond to the message. It will be 0 for a network break.  DateReceived is the time that the last message was received through the whole network path.

Only run the test when the supervisor is idle (without 12v).

The system will report that the Network functionality has not completed testing, the status indicator can be seen in the bottom left panel of Service Centre.


Step 1 - navigate to the Tools menu


Step 2 - navigate to Network Tester 


Step 3 - Start the tester

Ensure that UMonHub status is ok, if “Ok” then Press “Start”

This will trigger the system to interrogate the cellmons and switch the led’s “ON” to enable you to find and fix any network breaks.

Ensure that the power is not applied to the supervisors. If it is the software will report a message advising to remove the power to the SiMon/SiCan supervisors.


Step 4 - Review the test outcome

When all ok, will report back the number of devices found, navigate back.


Additional operating parameters

RetryInFault will continue to poll the network and switch the leds ON when it has not yet heard a response.

RetryIfOk will continue to poll the network and switch the leds ON when the system is responding successfully. This is sometimes required when there is a intermittent problem.


Procedures to locating faults

Following the full daisy chain path:

  1. The message starts at PacMon “To Battery IsoMon Output”. There is a Red LED in PacMon at the connector. Note: For extension battery packs the message originates from SiMon (there is no LED on SiMon).
  2. Trace the message to the IsoMon Red LED (it should also be flashing).
  3. Trace the message through each CellMon. Observe that each CellMon has both the green and red LEDs ON. The message goes in bound to the 2pin and then outbound from the 4 pin connectors of each CellMon.
  4. Trace the CellMon output message back to the IsoMon (green LED flashing).
  5. The message should arrive back at PacMon “To Battery IsoMon Output”. There is a green LED in PacMon at the connector that will flash for each message. Note: For extension battery packs the message returns to SiMon (there no LED on SiMon).

PacMon hardware scenario

USB > PacMon(UMon) > IsoMon > CellMon's > IsoMon > PacMon(UMon) > USB


Extension battery packs (SiMon) scenario
USB > UMon > SiMon > IsoMon > CellMon's > IsoMon > SiMon > UMon > USB



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