BmsSuite (Release 0.9.32)

In this release, published on 15 April 2015
Software installer can be downloaded here 


New Features

  • CellMon Calibrator tool, to enable self recalibration of voltage within battery pack.



  • Simplify the entry of the First and Last identifiers on configuration screens.
  • Improve StatusIcons and redirect to the relevant screens when clicked.
  • Includes Network Local/Remote column on System selector.
  • hardware "match" process on Advanced CellMon setup reports correct outcome.
  • hardware "match" process on Advanced Charging setup reports correct outcome.
  • In ServiceCentre add link to online support portal from internal help "?" button.
  • Charging Tester tool to preselect channel if possible.



  • In ServiceCentre configuration settings files exclude defaults fields from xml and update version info when application starts
  • In ServiceCentre improve startup rendering of the System selector.


Release notes for prior version article



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