Assembly of the Watchmon / ExpansionBoard with the CamdenBoss pcb din rail holder

How to assemble the components into the PCB din rail holder. 



  • 1 x WatchMon supervisor
  • 1 x Expansion board
  • 1 x 18mm spacers  (Camdenboss CIME/E/BE/1850S)
  • 2 x 35mm spacers  (Camdenboss CIME/E/BEF/3500S)
  • 2 x end plates    (Camdenboss CIME/E/SE1000S)
  • 1 x 26pin IDE Ribbon link


PCB DinRail holder assembly



Remember to add the clock RTC battery to the WatchMon before assembling into PCB holder, if it isn't already present.


Trimming USB location

Adjust for the USB-B socket insertion.


Slide PCB along the top/bottom into the holder.


Linking between WatchMon and ExpansionBoard


Recommendation when wiring into screw terminals

For a durable solution use bootlace / ferral covers over all cables connected to screw terminals, raw cables have a number of draw backs. The length may need to be trimmed before insertion into 2.5mm terminal.

  • 0.5mm2 Crimp Cord Wire End Terminal Bootlace Ferrule Connector.

  • Self-Adjustable Ratcheting Ferrule Plier Crimper HSC8 6-4A 0.25-6mm² AWG23-10.

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