WatchMon toolkit (Release 1.0.14 - firmware 1.26)

Published on 7 August 2016 the software install can be downloaded here.


New Features

  • NodeChart, add SoC% to default layout and include extra field options.
  • Shunt orientation configuration to handle capacity Nett when mounted in reverse direction.



  • When making changes warn on save if there is no active USB connection.
  • Control Logic improvements for charging/discharge
    • Low power mode
    • default values
    • invert status indicators to positive (same as critical)
  • Add feature to implement SoC% re-calibration on high/low threshold or in bypass.
  • Native canbus protocol to adopt control logic and shunt estimates.



  • Shunt calculations for consumption, estimates, capacity in correct units.
  • Shunt current digits to be correctly displayed on NodeChart.
  • Resolve corruption with session field statistics.
  • SolaX inverter SoC% to be kept between 0 to 100%
  • Shunt accumulation counters are update to external module when battery configuration is modified.



How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software


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