WatchMon toolkit (Release 1.0.16 - firmware 1.28)

Published on 30 August 2016 the software install can be downloaded here.


New Features

  • Brusa NLGxx charger, enable integration with Brusa charging equipment.
  • Bypass Tester tool, included for use when commissioning installation.
  • Cellmon Led tool, included for troubleshooting to identify cellmon in network chain.



  • Lifetime counters and timestamp when switching to limited power LIMP for charging / discharging.
  • Software Installer improved to have minimal dialog steps and include Batrium Logo.
  • Split Control Overview to VoltView and TempView.
  • Sound added to activities on start, stop and error.
  • Simplify technician screen for Shunt Metric Soc% / cycle changes



  • Solax inverter transmission is slowed for hybrid inverter to allow operation.
  • Shunt capacity is calculated correctly for reverse orientation
  • Shunt SoC% capacity accumulator handle repeated fast restarts. 
  • Ensure if multiple systems on network only update with connected system.



Prior release notes

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