How to upgrade the Watchmon firmware

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Simplified firmware upgrade to a Watchmon



Caution Whilst uploading the firmware into the WatchMon supervisor, the system will go offline and reboot. Make sure that external peripheral systems will be ok when the system reboots. If the critical contactor must remain energised, additional measures will be required to prevent the disruption of power.


Step 1 - Start the Teensy Uploader.



Step 2 - Obtain the latest firmware update file from Batrium.


Step 3 - Open the file into the Teensy Upload app.

File > Open > Select file


Step 4 - Press Button on WatchMon to manually enter Program Mode.



Step 5 - Start the "Program" operation.


Step 6 - Progress of firmware upgrade will be shown.


Step 7 - "Reboot" the WatchMon.


Step 8 - When completed will request a reboot and return to initial screen.


Step 9 - When finished will return to initial screen and normal WatchMon operation will restart.



  • If any problems occur repeat after powering down and up the WatchMon (both USB and power should be removed.
  • Each version of firmware has a relevant version of software for the toolkit. When changing the firmware make sure you also do the necessary upgrade/retrograde to the "Toolkit" software.


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