How to connect to WatchMon via its own WiFi access point


Steps to remotely connect to the BMS via its own local access point. Caution the system will only be in display mode to ensure a safe connection. To make changes to the system will require the technician connect via USB.


Step 1 - Select Wifi option from windows system tray.


Step 2 - Pick BatriumXXX option from available Wifi access points.


Step 3 - Connect to BatriumXXX option from list.



Step 4 - Add initial default password 1234567890


Step 5 - With a successful connection will show "No Internet, secured" as only connected to the WatchMon at this time.



Step 6 - Start WatchMon Toolkit application shortcut


Step 7 - Navigate to system connection selector and click


Step 8 - Navigate to Network tab 


Step 9 - Select SystemID from available option (either click or enter number)


Step 10 - Close connection dialogue once system is connected and Active


Step 11 - Normal responding screens



If there is a software/ firmware mismatch the following will be displayed. There is a firmware upgrade process documented below.



Understanding the WatchMon - Hardware configuration - System settings

Understanding the WatchMon - Chart display

Understanding the WatchMon - Telemetry - Live Statistics

Understanding the WatchMon - Telemetry - Daily Session

Simplified firmware upgrade of the Watchmon

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