WatchMon toolkit (Release 1.0.15 - firmware 1.27)

Published on 17 August 2016 the software install can be downloaded here.


New Features

  • SMA Inverter, enable integration with Sunny Island inverter.



  • Control Logic improvements
    • enable pause/resume logic for charging/discharge 
    • rename LoPower to LimitedPower (Limp)
    • rename HiPower to NormalPower (Norm)
    • rename Recover to Resume
  • Solax logic control enhancements to handle Limp/Norm operating modes.
  • Add feature to implement SoC% re-calibration on bypass complete.
  • Add SoC cycle counter logic
  • software toolkit theme can be altered and stored.



  • Shunt calculations for consumption, estimates, capacity in correct units.
  • Errors highlight error to only be displayed on items with sensors enabled.
  • Enable 10% learn curves for session to shunt volt/peak current
  • Ensure that Elcon/TCcharger can be adopted with 250kbs canbus speed.



How to install the WatchMon Toolkit software

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