Simplified firmware upgrade of the Watchmon

Caution  Make sure that external peripheral systems will be ok when the system reboots. The system will go offline and reboot, if there is a critical contactor that must remain energised additional measures must be made by you to prevent the disruption of power.


Step 1 - Start the WatchMon Firmware Upgrade application.

Note: Ensure that the USB cable is connected and close all Toolkit application sessions.


Step 2 - Run the upgrade process.


A separate console program will open and start uploading to Teensy


Step 3 - Monitor that the program complete 100% successfully.

If SUCCESS close and start Toolkit.




  • If any problems occur repeat after powering down and up the WatchMon (both USB and power should be removed.
  • Each version of firmware has a relevant version of software for the toolkit. When changing the firmware make sure you also do the necessary upgrade/retrograde to the "Toolkit" software.
  • If device does not respond press BOOT/PROG on WatchMon to manually enter Program Mode.


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