Understanding the WatchMon - Tools Menu

Tools screen providing access to various tools for the WatchMon supervisor hardware, and how to understand them.

Navigate to the screen via the Tools option on the Menu



Used to run various tools. 


Field Definitions 


Wizard Setup:  Asks some questions and sets up a starting point limits depending on such things as battery chemistry and setup.

USB Driver Install:  Starts the install of the USB Driver.

Join Wifi AP:  Join Wifi AP.


Bulk Import:  Opens the Import Bulk information screen to import bulk configuration to the WatchMon.

Firmware Updater: Opens the WatchMon firmware Updater.

Snapshot Report:  Opens up the Tools - Snapshot Reporting window.


Software Check:  Opens the Application Updater.

ThingSpeak Client:  Opens the Thingspeak Agent.

Style / Theme:  Opens the Tools Style/Theme window.


Data Cache Feed:  Opens the Cache data diagnostics.

Voice Player:  Opens the Voice Player.

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